Tips to make waxing less painful

Tips to make waxing less painful

Waxing is a standard grooming habit women routinely goes for. However, the procedure is quite painful, so here a few tips that will make the whole experience less agonizing and more effective.

Some do’s

  • Exfoliate your skin a day before waxing: Exfoliating allows your hair to be plucked out easily, especially those tucked under dead skin. The less the dead layer, the better the wax will come off. It also pains less.
  • Hydrate well: Drink plenty of water. It will keep your skin supple and more likely deter ingrown hair.
  • Visit a salon for waxing regularly: Our hair grows at different cycles. So make sure you visit a salon after every four weeks
  • Maintain good skin hygiene: Make sure you do not have any peculiar bumps or abrasions. It will affect your skin during a wax.
  • Inform the beautician of any medication you are on that pertain to skin drying: If you are on some acne medication or use a topical steroid cream, your skin is likely to be thinner and dryer. It may cause skin to lift that result in marks or burns. So make you tell your beautician if you are having some medication.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Opt for comfortable clothing, specifically, loose fitted clothes. It will avoid excess friction after waxing.


Some don’ts

  • Do not shave between the appointments: Hair has to be 4mm in length to be waxed. So, therefore, make sure you do not shave them in between the appointment. If you have to, it must not be less than two weeks before you go for your next appointment.
  • Sun bath 24 hours before or after the session is a no: Sun bathing makes your skin more sensitive and you may run the risk of skin lift. Additionally, it may also cause burns on your epidermis.

These are the tips you must take into consideration prior going for waxing. These steps will make the session less painful. However, make sure you are not tired or run down when going for it as it may seem more aching. Additionally, your epidermis gets more sensitive three day prior to menstruation.  So many women will actually schedule their appointments around this time. Be regular for the sessions. It will make the procedure less painful.

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