Taking care of your short colored hair

Taking care of your short colored hair

You might have spent a lot of money in getting your hair colored. However, to maintain your new look, it is imperative to care of your locks especially when they are short. It is because in short hair any issue is enhanced as you do not have the volume to cover it up. Let’s have a look at a few tips that can help you take care of your short, colored tresses in the best way.

Keep them moisturized

These days we do everything that removes the natural moisture from our tresses and make them more susceptible to damage. Regular blow drying deprives your hair of its natural moisture. Do not expose them to high levels of heat. However, using it once in a while is fine.

Use a shampoo that has a conditioner and which is meant for colored locks

Use a shampoo that not only has a conditioner in it, but is specifically made for colored tresses. The extra moisture in it will counter dryness. Make sure you invest in good and branded products. Using low quality product can damage your tresses beyond repair.

Hair masks

Today, hair masks are becoming a quite popular. Unlike conditioners, you can apply them on your tresses and leave for 10-15 minutes to allow the moisture to get soaked into the follicles. After that, just rinse it out with water.

Wear a hat when in the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun will strip the color out of your locks. If you know you will be in the sun for a prolonged period, wear a hat to protect the color. You can also use normal hair care products that contain sunscreen.

Take care of their cleanliness

Regularly wash your locks. Dirt in them makes them dry. So, therefore, make sure you wash them thrice a week with a good shampoo.

A few changes on your routine

  • Do not use a brush on your locks. It causes split ends that are more readily with colored hair.
  • Avoid blow drying as much as possible.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated

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