Olaplex Treatment- A Complete Hair Transformation Technique

Olaplex Treatment- A Complete Hair Transformation Technique

Are the disulphide bonds of your hair broken down due to straightening, bleaching, and coloring? With Olaplex treatment, you can regain back the lost lustre, structure, and strength of your hair. It works to mend the damage making the hair smoother and shinier. It will not be wrong to say that it is a complete hair transformation technique. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits.

  • Olaplex is a hero treatment that works by knitting the bond in your hair back together.
  • It is a solution to your hair splits and breakage.
  • You will get softer, shiner, and manageable tresses.
  • It is said to be a reconstructive treatment that enhances the internal structure of the hair and prevents the damage that occurs during chemical processes.
  • Even, if your hair has not undergone any chemical service, Olaplex can be used as a stand alone treatment used to deep condition your hair locks.
  • Hair styling and intense combing can also weaken the protein bonds of the hair. Thus, this treatment is a great way to build hair strength. It also works to restore the coarse grey hair.

Increases hair elasticity

During hair coloring, a colorist breaks the bond of your hair strand so that it holds hair dye. A color change means more breakage and dryness. However, with Olaplex treatment, you can reconnect the disulfide bond in your hair. As a consequence, this increases the hair elasticity and enables the hair shaft to accept color changes with little or no damage.

How this treatment works?

This treatment is completed in three steps- Bond Multiplier, Bond Perfector, and Hair Perfector. It links the broken bond and gives your tresses the look of your 20’s.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for the professional salons in your nearby region that offers the service of Olaplex Treatment.

For Olaplex treatment in Sacramento, get in touch with Suede Salon. We have trained experts to offer you the satisfying experience. Our treatment will help you get rid of damaged tresses and get back smoother and shiner look. Our hair stylist will guide you best according to the type of your hair. Call us for any additional details. We will be happy to solve your queries.

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