How to keep your hair moisturized- tips for preventing dryness

How to keep your hair moisturized- tips for preventing dryness

We usually blame the weather for our dry hair. However, in reality, there is more to it. Apart from cold and hot winds, there are loads of other factors that contribute to stripping moisture from your tresses. With the help of this article, you will understand the many ways to moisturize them and keep them soft and supple.

The reasons of dry locks

There are two reasons that contribute to it:

  1. Your scalp may not be producing enough natural oil to keep them moisturized. The problem may be genetic or due to aging. As we age, the body slows down the rate of oil production, which leads to dry skin and hair.
  2. The structure of your tresses causes the moisture to escape. A strand of hair is made of three segments, including the medulla or core (supporting structure), cortex (middle layer) and cuticle (protecting layer). When the cuticle is compact, the tresses lock the moisture in. However, when it is loosened, they appear to be dull and let the moisture escape from the inner layer.


Use of excessive heat

Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers….. All these play a big part is seeping the moisture from your locks.


  1. Always use a thermal protective formula before applying heat. The products act as a barrier between the strands and the heat of such products leading to less damage.
  2. Use iconic thermals as they inject the strands with negative ions, allowing the water molecules to penetrate deep into the tresses hydrating them.
  3. Tone down the heat. Quality dryers feature temperature settings. So select a lower setting to dry your locks. Lowest setting heat will be kinder to them.


Over washing and under conditioning of your hair

Shampooing too frequently strip away your natural oils. However, if you do not use apt conditioner, it will dry out them.


  1. Choose a shampoo that is meant for dry tresses.
  2. Do not shampoo them daily. Take a day or two off between shampoos. This will give time to the scalp to replenish the natural oils.

Exposure to too much wind, sun, chlorine, salt water dries the strands.

UV rays from sun are harmful for your scalp and tresses.


  1. Wear a hat or a scarf while going out in the sun.
  2. Apply UV protection to them. Look for leave-in sprays that offer UV protection.
  3. Prior to taking a dip in the pool, coat your hair with a thick conditioning cream and cover them with a swim cap.


Bad brushes

  1. Do not use metal brushes. These can cause dry hair to tear.
  2. Never brush them when they are wet. Wet hair is more prone to break.
  3. Use a wide tooth comb
  4. Choose a quality bristle brush.

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