Easy tips to maintain your color treated hair

Easy tips to maintain your color treated hair

Proper care and a little creativity is all that you need to keep your color treated hair glossy and voluminous.  There are a lot of methods which you can use for maintaining your hair bright and in good condition for a long time.

Follow these tips to protect your vibrant locks:

Do not shampoo your color treated hair frequently

It is suggested that one should prevent color treated hair from water on regular basis. For this, it is better to shampoo your hair less in order to retain the natural oils which provide conditioning to them. By shampooing twice a week, you can maintain color and health of your tinted hair. Keep them dry during regular shower and don’t forget to use only color safe products.

Conditioning is mandatory

It is very important to condition your color treated hair. The conditioning that your natural oils provide is a different thing, but using a separate conditioner is mandatory.  Firstly, one must only use color-protecting conditioner as the other could damage your tinted hair.  Secondly, even if your hair is smooth and shiny naturally, do not miss conditioning the tips since they have the most damage.

Turn down the water temperature for hair wash

Always make sure that you use lukewarm or cold water for washing your hair. It makes your scalp clean and saves you from frizz.  With hot water your color can start fading away quickly. Also with this, some of you might get your hair prone to breakage and hair fall.

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