Dark spots on the skin- types and causes

Dark spots on the skin- types and causes

Dark spots on the skin are a manifestation of genetics and environmental factors. Your skin color depends on the cells known as melancytes. These cells are found in the upper layers of the skin and produce granules of melanin pigment.


There are many factors that affect the normal functioning of the melanocyte, thereby, causing a variety of pigmentation disorders. A healthy skin is evenly colored and has no blemishes.

Exposure to UV rays, inflammation, hormonal changes, and use of drugs, skin diseases and genetic factors can increase the melanin production, thereby, causing dark pigmentation patches in the skin causing hyperpigmentation.

Type of hyperpigmentation


These are small brown spots that can appear on anywhere on the body, but mostly are visible on the face, arms and other sun exposed areas. These are mostly commonly to be seen in fair skinned individuals as a result of sun exposure. Freckles become prominent in the summers, but as the winters commence, it starts to fade.


Also known as age spots, these are superficial collection of melanin accumulating in the top layer of the skin. These are a result of cumulative sun damage over the years. They appear as small, dark patches commonly found on the back of the hands, legs, face and other exposed areas.


The skin condition is very common in women as compared to men.  It looks similar to age spots, but, tends to involve larger areas and commonly appear on the forehead, nose, lips and chin. The condition is as a result of hormonal changes as seen in pregnancy, over sun-exposure and usage of drugs, including oral contraceptives, anti-seizure and anti-malarial medicines.

Freckles, sun spots and dark skin patches can become prominent when skin is exposed to the sun. It usually happens when melanin absorbs the energy of the sun’s UV rays to protect the skin from overexposure.

Therefore, it is essential to use a sunblock every morning. Cover yourself while going out in the sun.

For dark spots removal, you can visit a local salon. After assessing your condition, the skin therapist plans a treatment for you. Make sure you follow up the treatment whenever asked for and take care of your skin in the best way.

Suede Salon offers treatments for dark spots on the skin. Get in touch with us for an appointment. Our skin care specialist will assess your condition and then refer you a treatment. For any query, you can also send us an email. We will be happy to help you.

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