Common FAQ’s related to Keratin hair treatment

Common FAQ’s related to Keratin hair treatment

Keratin hair treatment is one of the most effective ways to transfer frizzy, unruly tresses to straight, shiny and healthy ones on a temporary basis.  Keratin is a protein and the main ingredient in the outer layer of our locks. The treatment involves infusing of this protein into your tresses using a high-temperature flat iron, thereby sealing the cuticle and repairing the damage. After the procedure, you will find them stronger, smooth and manageable.

Let’s have a look at common FAQ’s related to the procedure

Is it permanent?

No, the treatment is temporary. However, it lasts for about six weeks depending on the frequency you wash your hair.

On what type of hair it works the best?

It is best for thick, curly, frizzy and dry tresses. However, it repairs the ones damaged due to chemical treatments like coloring, perming, and highlight and bleaching. The procedure is not intended for fine, straight and thin locks.

Does it damage hair?

No. However, it seals keratin into cuticles and repairs and strengthen them.

What are the other benefits of the procedure?

  • It makes your hair shiny, soft, smooth and frizz-free
  • Deceases drying and styling time
  • Seals color
  • Repair damaged locks


How should I maintain treated hair for the best results?

  • Wash your locks less frequently so as to maintain the look longer. Use a shampoo that does not contain Sodium Chloride, but also offers protection from UV rays.
  • Avoid exposure to chlorine and salt water as it will shorten the lifespan of the procedure.
  • Get the hair cut immediately after it
  • If you want to color your tresses, get them before or two weeks afterwards. Coloring them prior to it will seal the color and prevent it from fading


What else???

Make sure you follow up the treatment. It includes application of the protein in the same way as the first time.


  • The success of the procedure depends on the skills of the hair stylist
  • Scalp and locks do not feel as clean as prior the treatment
  • It cannot be performed at home as the proper application requires proper tools and also need you to be cautious.

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