7 tips for combating hair loss

7 tips for combating hair loss

If you are looking for a hair strengthening treatment, first try and understand the cause behind the hair loss. Identify the time when it started. Analyze whether it is a result of a new product you started using. If it is the main cause then, you should immediately stop using any those shampoos or products. Also, make sure you wash them frequently. Since unclean locks contain lots of things that can damage them even more. Frequent cleaning makes your tresses look clean and healthy.

Tips for healthy tresses


Protein is a major requirement for strengthening locks and promoting growth. On a daily basis, a person requires two to three services of three ounces of meat and five servings of beans and dairy to satisfy the body’s protein need.


It is another major cause for the damage. Anemia is a result of iron deficiency. So, if you are anemic make sure you consume iron supplements.

Metabolic disorder

It can also be as a result of a metabolic disorder.  You tend to have thinner and brittle tresses and nails in such a case. So make sure you consume zinc and biotin to combat the problem.

Vitamin A and B

It is a good anti-oxidant that promotes the production of sebum in the scalp. On the other hand, Vitamin B increases melanin production, providing good color to the locks and stimulates blood circulation.

Other causes can be cosmetic products, rubber bands, genetics, stress, pregnancy, hair dyes and lots more.

Natural treatments for hair loss

Essential oils

Regularly massage your tresses with natural oils like olive oil, canola oil and safflower oil. Massaging boost blood circulation in the scalp and keeps the follicles active. Heat up the natural oils and then massage the scalp gently. Rinse off it with the shampoo after an hour.

Omega 3

It contains essential fatty acids like alpha ALA, DHA, EPA that are beneficial for the health of skin, locks, bone and brain. It can combat brittle and dry hair, flaky and dry scalp. It also provides sheen and elasticity to your tresses, resulting in its growth.

Lifestyle changes

Bringing a few changes in your routine can stop the hair fall. Never brush wet tresses or rub them hard. It is advisable to let the locks dry naturally. Regular exercising also help reduce both physical and emotional stress and restores hormonal imbalance. Walking and swimming lowers stress levels.

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