The keratin hair treatment for curly and unmanageable hair

The keratin hair treatment for curly and unmanageable hair

If you like the look of straight hair, but you have curly and unmanageable locks, then keratin hair straightening products are the best alternative for you.

What is keratin hair straightening treatment?

The keratin hair treatment is done in a salon by an expert. The process involves the application of the keratin rich formula to your tresses and then using a flat iron to seal it into it. The procedure is lengthy and might take forty-five minutes to 2 hours, depending on the length and texture of your locks.

After the application you are not to wash and wet your tresses for about 72 hours. Also, it is advised not to pin locks upward or back as this can cause kinks in it.

The treatment lasts for a little longer than two months. It depends on your tresses growth. However, it eliminates the need of having to fight your natural curls to make them behave.


Having this procedure done help you wear straight styles. You can avoid using flat iron on your locks as constant heat causes them to break easily by making them dry and brittle. However, having the keratin applied, saves your tresses from the over-processing and drying effects of flat iron. Your tresses become smooth and shiny. Moreover, the procedure will give a welcoming change to your looks. Straight hair makes you look younger than your age. Also, it eliminates the need of styling. You can simply wash and dry and go. It restores hair resiliency. Humidity, rain and sweat, nothing will customize the hairstyle. Last of all, no mismanaged and wild hair.

Caring post procedure

  • For treatment to stay for longer, you have to use salon recommended shampoos and conditioners.
  • Make sure you dry your locks immediately after every wash.

Even though many women rely on straighteners to get straight locks, however, it is important to realize that it is not a permanent solution.

Your tresses do not need to be healthy before you use the procedure. However, if you are considering getting it done, talk to your stylist and listen to their professional opinion. They will assess your locks carefully and tell you if they are strong enough to withstand the procedure or not.

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