How to take care of hair extensions?

How to take care of hair extensions?

Hair Extensions are the latest fashion accessories. The procedure includes adding locks that is not your own onto your tresses, to enhance your looks. The reasons people want hair extensions are:

  • To add volume to thin and fine locks
  • To add length to short tresses
  • To correct a medical problem
  • Look younger
  • To change the look

Whatever the reasons may be, hair extensions have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. However, to get the most out of them, they must be well taken care of. It will make extensions look amazing for long, but also reduces the chance of damage to your natural tresses.

Keep them clean

As you clean your own locks, you have to wash the hair extension as well. When dirt and sweat builds up in it, it tends to get tangled. Before washing it, gently remove all the tangles. Do not add lots of water to it, it can make the tresses swell up and tangle again. Now apply a small amount of alkaline free shampoo and massage the scalp gently. When done with the washing, rinse the locks with warm water and squeeze out the excess water from them. Pat dry and do not rub.

Do not use a cheap shampoo to clean them. Invest in some good shampoo. Take advice from the hairdresser on the products and brands to be used.

The right way to style

Use soft bristle brush with wide teeth to brush it. Start at the ends of your locks and brush them in downward motion and then gently move up to the roots. Do not brush them harshly.

Keep them away from heat

Keep them away from blow-dryers and curling irons. The lesser you use them, the more life extensions will have. Let them dry naturally. Each time you style your tresses, use sprays.


Tie your locks up in a ponytail while exercising. When swimming, wear a cap to keep your tresses out of water. Immediately after swimming, shampoo and condition them and always use leave-in conditioner.


Never sleep with wet hair. Dry them before going to bed.

No hair treatments

Avoid permanent color on extensions. It will reduce their life.

Follow the above points to keep your hair extensions last for long. Suede Studio has been serving the Sacramento community for over 20 years. We offer a unique array of skin and hair services in the region. Get in touch with us for more details on our services.

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