How to Remove Dark Spots from your Skin

How to Remove Dark Spots from your Skin

Dark spots or pigmentation means coloring of the skin resulting due to increase in the melanin production. Melanin is the cell which gives human skin, hair and eyes its color. Everyone has different amount of melanin in their body. The more you have, the darker will be your skin tone. This melanin results in the dark spots and patches on your skin.

Let us know some of the basic reasons of dark spots in your body.

  • Age spots- These are black or brown in color and occur on the face and other body parts. It occurs due to increased content of melanin in the body. Genetic predisposition plays a great role in the occurrence of these spots. It may occur due to increased exposure of sun and ultraviolet rays. Also, older people have more chances of pigmentation as the melanin increases with the age.
  • Melasma– Melasma is more common in women than in men. Hormonal changes, certain medications, and genetics are the main factors that contribute in the development of melasma. It leads to brown or grey age spots on the skin.

There are some of the ways to prevent the onset of dark spots on your face. Let’s have look at them.

  • Sunscreen- Avoiding the sun altogether is not at all possible; however there is a way to protect yourself from the harmful radiations of the sun. One of the causes of skin pigmentation is the exposure of sun. Simply applying a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more before stepping out in the sun prevents your skin from forming dark spots as it will give the protection against skin cancer.
  • Applying vitamin C products- If suffering from dark spots use a skin care product with highly concentrated pure vitamin C. This vitamin has spot fading capabilities that fades your current spots and prevent new ones from budding. Thus you can have brighter and more illuminated skin.
  • Use of topical creams– In order to get rid of pigmentation, topical creams containing hydroxy quinone, topical steroids, and azelic acid should be used at the night time. Oral use of antioxidants also helps in eliminating pigmentation. If creams don’t work, chemical peels and fractional lasers are further treatment options.

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