Enhance your Looks with Keratin Hair Treatment

Enhance your Looks with Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is the latest technology used to provide smooth and straight effect to your hairs. This is the best technique to de-frizz and de-tangle your curly hairs using a chemical that includes keratin protein. Keratin is usually a kind of protein that provides strong and protective coverage to your sensitive skin, nails and hairs.

Due to harsh weather conditions, harmful sunrays, dust, application of hair colors and heating tools, the keratin in your hairs destroys. This leaves your hairs look dull and damaged. Keratin hair treatment is introduced to infuse protein into to hairs giving them smoother, healthier and shiner finish. Today, there are numerous keratin products available in market such as keratin shampoo, keratin coated hair straightners, keratin conditioners.

Few of the keratin hair products are:

  • Smoothing and hydrating shampoo: This product is mild on your hairs and is paraben and sulphate free.
  • Keratin smoothing: This aids luster as well as sparkling shine to hairs. Provides smoothing effect by de-frizzing curled hairs.
  • Restorative hair infusion: In this treatment hairs are made straight, silky and smoother by infusing serums and oils which is practiced with flat iron.
  • Curl calming balm: This product is used to lock or unlock the curls. If anyone wishes to have bouncy or straight looking hairs, this balm can be applied.

No matter what type of product or treatment you choose for, the result of every treatment will reduce the unwanted volume and frizz, repair the cuticle damage of hairs, provide the sparkling shine and smooth effect.

Keratin hair treatment must be performed by professional salon. The experts are aware of each single step from start to finish and they will be constantly informing you every change being made to your hairs. Salon hair professionals have undergone a special training on the correct application of the solution. Post keratin hair treatment, maintenance comes to a vital role. There are some set of rules to be followed such as using specific hair products, not wetting hairs for some days, avoiding pony tail or curling of hairs for couple of months.

Don’t waste your time and money on an unprofessional salon. Your one wrong decision may cause your hair further damage. Consult Suede salon to avail the professional and high class hair and skin services.  We use best quality products and tools and techniques. Our experts will assist you making right decision to enhance your beauty. Call us for more details or email us for you queries or appointments.

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