Endermologie- carve your body with ultimate cellulite reduction treatment

Endermologie- carve your body with ultimate cellulite reduction treatment

Endermologie is the latest technology non-massive treatment that effectively works upon the body’s cellulite and cuts down to make it leaner, smoother and attractive. This basically combines very firm massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin’s surface in attempt to break down the fat cells. Its technique involves a mechanized device with a regulated suction and two motorized rollers that pull the skin tissue perfectly targeting different areas of body with 100% natural results. This is a painless mechanical massage that stimulates the reactivation of fat release and increases the collagen as well as elasticity in the body.

  • Reshape the thighs, buttocks and abdomen:

Those trapped pockets of fat near the most active fat storage area of the skin including buttocks, abdomen and thighs give skin the lumpy, dimpled and uneven appearance. Endermologie therapy effectively and miraculously works upon these areas by breaking down the fat and toxins allowing lymphatic system to drain it all away.

  • Rejuvenate the skin:

This not only helps reducing the cellulite but it also improves the blood circulation, relieves minor muscular aches and refines the skin texture and radiance as well. At the same time it promotes blood circulation throughout the skin and allows new nutrients to reach the skin and tissues.

  • Diminish the starch marks, scars and soothes the sore muscles:

Endermologie treatment benefits are not only limited to cellulite reduction. While the therapy is great at reducing the stress, calms the muscles strains, relives back pain, heightens detoxification and lightens the ugly stretch marks and scars.

Today Endermologie treatment is availed widely by several individuals who are fitness freak and want to attain fit and toned body. The process of treatment varies person to person depending upon their needs. The therapy session is usually of 40-45 minutes and person has to go through 1-2 sessions per week for couple of months to achieve the desirable results.

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