All you need to know about Olaplex hair treatment

All you need to know about Olaplex hair treatment

If you have damaged, dry and unmanageable hair, there is a brand new treatment in the market for you. Olaplex hair treatment is best in the market created and conceived by Dr. Craig Hawker (a PHD in chemistry) and Dr. Eric Pressly (a PHD in materials). Together, they found that when we use chemicals on our tresses like that in coloring and straightening, the sulfur bonds in them gets converted into sulfur hydrogen. This process eats away the natural protein present in the locks making them, rough, dry and damaged.

Olaplex hair treatment works to prevent the splitting, so, therefore, in a way it saves them from getting excessively damaged.

Who is an ideal candidate for it?

Women having excessively damaged hair or those who color their tresses quite often are the best candidates for it. However, the certain stylist also mixes with the dye, thereby, helping to strengthen the tresses.

Application of Olaplex

It is a three step application process:

  • First the stylist will add it to your hair color or lightener.
  • After your color service is complete, he will apply bond Perfector to them and leave for 10 minutes.
  • You can also take it home for maximum results.


When I can notice the change in my locks?

You will notice a sea change in your tresses right after the treatment. After the application process is over, your locks are blow dried, giving it a smoother look and shine like never before.  It protects them from further breaking and makes them stronger than it was never before. Moreover, your ends also look less damaged.

However, after the procedure, you will find it easy to comb your locks. You will notice the complete transformation of your hair texture. It works from inside out to strengthen, condition and reconnect the strand structure from the places they were broken. It has the potential to restore the health of all types of damaged tresses.

So what are you waiting for? Start looking for salons within your region that offer Olaplex hair treatment. Make sure the salon you choose has years of experience, professional stylist and good reputation. Clear all your queries prior getting the procedure done.

For Olaplex hair treatment Sacramento, get in touch with Suede Salon. We have experienced and highly knowledgeable hairstylist to help you offer solution for all types of tresses. Call us for additional details or fill our online forms to submit your queries. We will be happy to help you.

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