All you need to know about Aveda Retexturizing Treatment

All you need to know about Aveda Retexturizing Treatment

Are you looking to have frizz-free and smooth hair? If yes, Aveda Retexturizing Treatment is the best for you. The procedure will leave your tresses smooth, frizz-free and gives them a natural shine. You get sleek and controllable locks that remain manageable all the day.

What makes Aveda Retexturizing Treatment the best option?

The smoothing formula is up to 83% naturally derived and damages the hair lesser than other keratin treatments available in the market. It is formulated using tourmaline, mineral sulphites and polylysine. These ingredients does not damage your tresses and help deliver smooth results that lasts for around two months.

Tourmaline loosens the curls, while mineral sulphites help realign hair bonds to smooth hair and other corn help locks keep the style in place.

What difference will it make to the appearance of your tresses?

It will smoothen the natural texture without completely straightening them. It is a demi-permanent smoothing procedure that will reduce waves, corrects the frizz and softens the curl. However, the locks will gradually revert back to its original texture within two months.

Who is the best candidate for Aveda Retexturizing Treatment?

The best candidate for the procedure is the one:

  • Who is tired of curly and frizzy hair. The procedure will smooth your tresses, reduces frizz and styling time for manageable locks.
  • Who likes to have straight tresses, but likes to keep options open. As already mentioned earlier, it is demi-permanent treatment that reduces the wave, curls, smooth frizz, but your natural texture will come back within two months of time. So your hair will become straight only for a time-being.
  • Who wants to avoid hair damage, but loves to have straight tresses. The procedure is formaldehyde free alternative to other traditional keratin treatments.


A few more points to know..

  • The treatment can even be used on chemically straightened locks as long as the previous procedure has not used sodium hydroxide relaxer. The ones have previously relaxed must wait for six weeks before scheduling a smoothing treatment.
  • It can even be done on virgin or untreated hair.


Post treatment care

  • You can expect the results to last for two months. However, the duration can vary with individual hair types and textures.
  • Make sure you keep your locks dry and straight for first 24 hours. Also, avoid tucking them behind your ears.
  • You have to wash them after 24 hours after the procedure.

For more information on Aveda Retexturizing Treatment, get in touch with Suede Salon. You can either call us or email us your queries. We will be happy to help you.

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